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Copyright Statement 2 by Sophibelle

Yo dawg! Heree ya can find sum of mah sexay drawins!
Go fave and comment some of mah sexay drawss yo!
Don't go stealin' mah art, 'cus Imma kick ya sexay ass off!
Ya hear me?!

Ok now back to seriousness. Please fave and comment in some of my WONDERFUL drawings~!

I draw:
Michael Jackson




Attack on Titan stamp by SolusNox
Steven Universe by stampsnstuff
Macne Coco Black Stamp by AleyraMacne Coco White Stamp by AleyraMacne Petit 2s by AleyraMacne Nana 2S by AleyraMacloid Stamp by MamiTeaMamiCakeNanaxMiku Stamp by myst-saphyrUTAU User Stamp by jocund-slumberOverseas UTAU Stamp... UPDATE by myst-saphyrTeto: Vocaloid Schmocaloid by myst-saphyrUTAU + VOCALOID are DIFFERENT by SkinnyMandriaMomo the original Nyan-Cat by omegaflash4I Love Vocaloid Stamp by King-BlockMayusOliver Stamp by myst-saphyrLove-Hate Relationship by myst-saphyrI Love SeeU Stamp by Pocky-Tan+STAMP+ VOCALOID release order by aerendyllTuna Eats Luka by azianwolfdollKing by x-Thestral-xMichael Jackson Legend Stamp by dA--bogeymanMJ stamp by MDirtyDianaMJ v Ed by GhostKITTENMichael Jackson - Bad by TheQueenMadonnaLife ain't so bad at all Stamp by SpookyLoop


This are things that I like~




School's here and I don't want any more UTAU projects 'cuz it'll just be problems added in my life. I just wanna space out, y'know

It's time I have to move on my life.

hold yer tears 'cuz i'll still keep in touch with the UTAU fandom

Mike's incomplete 2014 vb shall be distributed soon, I dun wanna recerd anymore

Hitori, Peaches, and me other utsus shall stay in my heart forever...

another reason is i'm in new fandoms

It was such a great time being with utau users and utaufriends you guys *sob* i learned many, many things in this singing-synthesizing journey. You treasure me a lot.

I want to thank ViraJackson, ShamoneAndDichie, TenshiCake, TianaKoopa1, and all the other UTAU users who where awesome to me, you peeps are amazing~! keep on being amazing~!
also, moonlaments, sorry i left le fandom after being friends please forgive me gomen

If your an UTAU user, you might see cartoon and anime fanart in your messages~!
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Sofia the Bunny
Artist | Student | Digital Art


:star:Hi~! I'm Miki, but you can call me Sofi~! I'm an UTAU user, Michael Jackson fangirl, Vocaloid enthusiast, and A BRO THAT KICKS BARREL ASS!
I own the 15-year-old-singing shota robot that is the reincarnation of Michael Jackson, Mike Jakune~! Listen to him or you will regret it.

I have a account:

I also have a account:…

and a account: mikilikesutau


:iconvelpi::iconbeccadeprisco::iconmooncrafter::iconglaciachan::iconepicweegee::iconhentaimd::iconjoouchiyanmon::iconkawaiisukiochan::iconkeichan411::iconkoolit13::iconleoperaghost::iconlionessjenna::iconyen-mi::iconmewkwota::iconmisharoute::iconmyst-saphyr::iconlucidiris::iconinochi-pm::iconavaraa::iconandoryuu-kun::iconsillycaracal::icontaiwonton::icontefy-chan::iconumbrellaguns::iconzephyr-kaze::iconjadelaunders::iconkaisuki::icontsunyandere::iconicevalaxy::icontaylorinunofficial::iconstargamer01::iconabstractcactus::iconmaxximisha::iconadriann-v::iconakiglancy::iconyue-nagareboshi::iconblankfacecat::iconsteelemissary::iconcdra::iconfire-sparrow::iconharana-san::iconmikumagical::iconjeisuke::iconpandalolii::iconshanehart121::iconkage-ku::iconnajeci::iconchezzie-chan::iconterrainakka::iconcatlione::iconroamingpandas::icon0jichan: :icontenshicake::iconbittermause::iconshivatenshitan::iconvirajackson::iconshamoneanddichie:

:iconvirajackson: <----- BEST BEST FWEND EVER!!!
:iconmoonlaments: <----- NEW BESTFRIEND (owo)/

Close people:

:iconsoratheartist:Likes stalking at my journals (OAO) :icontianakoopa1:ADORES MY MAIKU~ :iconkawaiisukiochan:SWAG GURL ON SKYPE :icontenshicake:UTAU PAL~ :iconshamoneanddichie:cuddly buddlies


Flag of the Philippines Stamp by xxstamps PROUD PINOY!
Jack Frost and Queen Elsa 2 by Rumay-Chian I SUPPORT JELSA~! (tho jack is too underage for elsa)


MikiJackson has started a donation pool!
373 / 1,000

Kawaii Button: Commish Open by miemie-chan3
DA Button: Art Trades Open by miemie-chan3


:star:Icon Commissions - 2 pts.
Example: Icon Request for Jacksonie by MikiJackson

:star:Half body - 3 pts.
Example: U-U Secret Santa 2013: Chiasa Morelle by MikiJackson

:star:Full body - 4 pts.
Example: Aigis by MikiJackson

:star: Chibi Commissions - 2 pts.
Example: Hachibi by MikiJackson

:star:Cartoon Commissions

:star:Cartoon Half body - 2pts.
Example: Boy Genius by MikiJackson

:star:Cartoon Full body - 3pts.
Example: A Cup of Good Cafe by MikiJackson

Or donate Freely!

Don't worry, I promise to do your requests more better!

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